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FSC®certified composite wood

A sustainable architecture with WPC

The mission of Woodn Greenwood is to offer the construction industry an alternative material to natural wood..
A technologically advanced and aesthetically valuable composite wood, able to prevent global deforestation.
That’s the reason why, our WPC stands out on the global scene for having achieved the FSC® certification with a 70% mix formula: this label indicates that the wood used in Woodn products comes from FSC® certified material, recycled material and /or controlled wood.
The procurement is complex and we carefully follow the path the materials take from the forest to the shelf (chain of custody).
Behind every label there is the story of the product and we work to ensure that it has been made with wood from sustainable sources. The wood from responsibly managed forests ensures that satisfying today's needs will not compromise the world of tomorrow.

* FSC® certified products available upon request.


The production plant, based in Treviso, covers an area of approximately 14,000 sqm and is powered by a photovoltaic system that meets 100% of daytime energy requirement. 3,000 sqm were dedicated to the installation of photovoltaic panels, enogh to produce approximately 311,000 kW/h/year.
The water used to cool the 9 extrusion lines is managed by a new generation closed-cycle system. The water is collected, cooled and reintroduced into the cooling system. Only once a year the water purified and replaced in order to avoid any waste.

Woodn Greenwood profiles are entirely recyclable, thus can be turned back into WPC and therefore into new profiles and systems

Through a custom made machinery, the material is first divided by color, then placed inside a shredder which grinds it into a mesh ready to be reintroduced into the production process.
This is the closing of a virtuous circle that demonstrates the company's commitment towards the creation of a true circular economy.
The life cycle analysis (LCA - Life Cycle Assessment) is being completed and will become an essential tool for the implementation of an integrated product policy, with consequent environmental product declaration (EPD - Environmental Product Declaration) and issuing of CAM (Criteri Ambientali Minimi for Italy).
The recycling of the composite wood is managed internally by the Woodn Greenwood, to guarantee a waste-free production and minimize the need for further supplies.

WPC Laboratory

Sustainable materials and innovative systems for the LEED® certification



LEED® is a voluntary, consensus-based and internationally recognized system for the design, construction and management of sustainable buildings and high-performance land areas.
Woodn Greenwood’s positioning illustrates the company’s excellence in relation to LEED® credits.



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    Operating in an international context, Woodn Greenwood is an ISO 9001 certified company, issued by IMQ (Italian Quality Mark Institute), a global recognition that certifies the effectiveness of the management systems for the quality of its organization’s processes.
    By offering the construction sector an alternative material to natural wood, the company stands out on the international scene for having achieved the FSC® certification. This certification proves the commitment to use wood coming from responsibly managed forests, ensuring that satisfying today's needs will not compromise tomorrow’s world.
    All Woodn Greenwood products can contribute to LEED® credits according to the LEED® BD+C V4 protocol. The LEED® rating system certifies the building and provides the market with a shared approach on which to base the choices and a measurable standard for each aspect. Woodn Greenwood's report shows the company's excellence in relation to LEED® credits.

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